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Benefits of Personal Training:

  • Progress Tracking
  • Motivation
  • Injury Prevention
  • Workout Planning
  • Proper Technique

Strength Training:

  • Customized Programs to Reach your Goals
  • Pre and Post Surgery Plans to Reduce Recover Time
  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass to Burn more Fat

Cardiovascular Health:

  • How Much to Do
  • What Type to Perform
  • How to Maximize Fat Loss while Improving your Health


  • Meal Plans to Fit your Lifestyle
  • What to Eat on the Go
  • Strategies to Succeed


I have been going to Lucas Therapies on and off for years. I have been treated for tendonitis of my elbow and for shoulder pain. I recently turned 60 years old and I like to run outdoors but I was continually having issues with my leg muscles, preventing me from running on a regular basis. I met with Wendy Lucas and she treated my leg problems but more importantly, she explained to me what needed to be done to keep me from reinjuring my legs.

It turns out that I wasn't getting proper hydration before running, I wasn't stretching properly and my leg muscles were weak. So I met with Cris Edmonds, the personal trainer at Lucas Therapies and he devised a leg work out specifically for me. I have been running on a regular basis with no leg muscle issues thanks to Lucas Therapies. My strength is at an all-time high and I feel wonderful thanks to the Physical Therapy, Personal Training and Nutritional Plan.

- Bob (Salem, Virginia)

After working 4 months with Cris Edmonds I am not having to rely on pain meds and creams as I had to before. I can now do everyday things like getting in and out of the care effortlessly and steering the car with ease without shoulder pain. I can get a cup or plate our of the cabinet again and I can even reach into the washer now to retrieve clothes.

I could not do these daily activities before working with Cris. He knows his business. I can ask questions about pains and the body and he answers simply and concisely. Cris is also good to adapt what he has me doing when he sees I am not ready for that exercise just yet. I am looking forward to these next 8 months to see where I will be with his guidance.

- Karen (Salem, Virginia)


I started working with Cris Edmonds to prepare me to play College Softball at Concord University and let's just say he more than had me ready to go when I arrived on Campus as a Freshman. I started 37 out of 40 games as a true freshman with a batting average of .248 with 3 Homeruns. He also helped me with my meal planning and supplementation needs to recover from the long practices and grueling game schedule. I look forward to coming back home this summer to prepare for next season with him.

- Abby (Roanoke, Virginia)