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Ground Breaking Technology Exclusively at Lucas Therapies
We are the only Physical Therapy practice in VA offering this treatment option.

The Neubie helps to increase strength and sports performance, decreases pain, and increases the speed of recovery from injury. Recovery times are drastically reduced compared to normal treatment methods. Most patients see results within 2-4 sessions instead of 10-12! As Southwest Virginia’s premier Physical Therapy Practice, we are currently the only facility in Virginia offering the Neubie Treatment System.

Actual training session with Neubie

The Neubie Machine

This technology works unlike any traditional therapy in that it targets the source of the problem. On the first visit we will be able to identify 1 or more problem areas and within 2-4 treatments you will see measurable change. It is not 2-6 weeks of treatment to expect change like traditional therapy

Reduce Pain and Heal Faster

Because this technology directly targets the neuromuscular pathways of pain and
dysfunction, most people see significant change in pain and function at the first visit with long term carry over because we have turned off the inhibitors of normal function that signal the pain and dysfunction

Perform Better

Neubie helps program your nervous system to perform better. As your bandwidth speeds increase, so too will your strength, speed and precision of movement. One training session works your muscles as much as several traditional gym workouts and allows you to gain strength faster and hurdle over plateaus.

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