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Golfer's Elbow

Commonly known as golfer’s elbow, medial epicondylitis is a condition of painful inflammation on the inner side of the elbow, where tendons from forearm muscles attach to the inside elbow’s bony bump. In addition to sports, common activities such as painting, raking, hammering, chopping wood, and typing can cause golfer’s elbow.


1- Pain and tenderness on inner side of elbow.
2- Stiffness in elbow.
3- Pain when making fist.
4- Weakness in hands/wrists.
5- Numbness or tingling that radiates into one or more fingers (usually ring and little finger).

Activities that May Increase Pain

1- Swinging a golf club or racket.
2- Squeezing or pitching a ball.
3- Shaking hands.
4- Turning doorknobs.
5- Picking up objects with palm down.
6- Flexing wrist toward forearm.

1- Rest elbow and avoid activities that cause pain.
2- Apply ice to reduce pain and swelling.
3- Brace area to reduce stress (ensure proper fit).
4- Utilize over-the-counter pain medications (ONLY if recommended by your doctor).

If you do not find relief after a couple of days of rest and ice, consult your doctor for other options, which may include physical therapy. At Lucas Therapies, our professionals can instruct you in proper stretching, strengthening, and other pain relieving modalities.

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