Nerve Conduction Studies/EMG’s

LUCAS EMG SPECIALISTS, INC.(CES) was founded by Wendy Lucas in 2014 and provides traditional electrodiagnostic testing on-site for physician clinics, private physical therapy practices, rehabilitation facilities, and self-insured employers. We use traditional electrodiagnostic testing equipment (Cadwell Sierra Wave/Cadwell Laboratories, Inc./Kennewick, WA) and invasive needle EMG techniques, identical to the studies performed by neurologists and physiatrists.

Program Benefits – to the Patient

  • Patients scheduled in a timely manner, usually within 7-10 days compared with 3-4 weeks at an outside facility
  • Patients return to familiar surroundings with familiar faces, which lowers anxiety levels
  • Patients are often only financially responsible for a co-pay (plan dependent) compared to incurring a physician charge AND facility charge when performed in a hospital setting
  • Patients can be seen by their physician immediately following the study, if necessary
  • Patients follow up with their physician sooner, allowing quicker implementation of a treatment plan or referral to another specialist

Program Benefits – to the Medical Practice

  • Creates a new revenue stream for the medical practice with no additional overhead costs
  • On-site format allows for improved communication between electromyographer and physician
  • Physicians receive reports back within 24-48 hours or the same day if needed
  • Patients can be seen sooner for follow up office visit with their physician
  • Turn-key operation for the medical practice. Lucas EMG Specialists provides staffing, equipment, supplies, CPT coding, ICD-10 coding, carrier policy/government regulation monitoring, and assistance with any denials.

To learn more about Lucas EMG Specialist or to scheudle an EMG, contact our EMG Coordinator at EMG@lucastherapies.com

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