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Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

  • Individuals who have reached maximum medical improvement and are awaiting impairment rating and case closure.
  • Workers who need their function quantified prior to vocational job search and return to work.
  • Individuals who have long standing cases that for various reasons have not had resolution.
  • Individuals who have a history of subjective complaints without objective findings.
  • Individuals who need quantification of their physical capacities for determination of disability status.
  • Individuals who require quantification of their physical function for medical-legal reasons.
  • Timely impairment ratings and return to work.
  • Assistance in the process of case management and resolution.
  • Identification of symptom magnifiers.
  • Matching of physical performance levels to the demands of a specific job or work activity or an occupation.
  • Remove guesswork from the physicians return to work prescription.
  • Objective determination of the individual’s ability to safely return to work with or without restrictions.
  • Reduction in workers compensation cost and disability costs.
  • Determine safe job placement for vocational rehab.
  • Help minimize the employer’s cost of compensation and increase productivity.
  • Reduce possibility of future work-related injuries.

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