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On-Site and Industrial Services

Lucas Therapies is committed to partnering with industry to build and support a healthy workforce – from prevention to case management and injury resolution. One such program designed with these goals in mind is our on-site rehabilitation services that encompass all facets of managing workplace injuries including on-site in-house therapy services. Providing onsite Physical Therapy services allows for a more fluid integration of rehabilitation and return-to-work services from the close proximity of the injured worker, the employer, and the Lucas Therapies team.

Lucas Therapies has been providing on-site services to a number of companies throughout the Roanoke Valley for nearly 30 years with excellent results and savings. Contact us to see how these services can help your company.

Benefit of Providing of On-Site Therapy Services

  • Discounts on WC insurance and reduced reportables
  • Early intervention, management and treatment of injuries
  • Convenience – No lost time for travel to and from therapy therefore more productive and profitable
  • Direct knowledge of the job tasks required for full duty work
  • We help find appropriate light duty accommodations within the company
  • No need for work hardening – transition back to work can occur on the job
  • Direct and timely communications
  • Better relations between labor/management and therapists
  • Constant ergonomic feedback and assessments for safer job performance
  • Identification of workers who need further ergonomic or safety training
  • Better knowledge base of jobs for communication to treating physician for RTW placement
  • More rapid transition to full duty

Industrial Services

In addition to on-site and mobile services, Lucas Therapies is also pleased to offer a variety of industrial services. The items listed below are just some of the services we offer. Please contact us for a complete list of industrial services or inquire about our customized plans.

  • Post-Offer Physical Abilities Testing
  • Fit for Duty Evaluations
  • Ergonomic Evaluations
  • Work-Site Evaluations
  • Transitional Work Programs
  • Injury Prevention/Rehabilitation
  • Safety Assessments and Safety Education
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Records Review/Cost Containment
  • Expert Referral Panels
  • Experienced Staff in Legal Issues
  • Physical Panel Assistance

Please contact us for a complete list of industrial services or inquire about our customizable plans.

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