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Pre-employment Testing/Drug Screens

Are you an employer looking to expand your workforce with physically capable employees? Would you like to save cost on workers compensation claims/insurance benefits? Would pre-employment testing help you with this? Yes!!

Are you looking for a job? Would you like to be certain that you are capable of meeting the job demands before you take the job? Pre-employment testing allows you to assure yourself and your prospective employer that you are physically capable of meeting the job demands.

Lucas Therapies proudly offers the following services:

  • Physical Demand Assessment : to design job specific testing
  • Pre-employment/Post offer testing
    • Job specific testing
    • Isokinetic testing: Biodex/CRT
  • Orthopedic Screens
  • Drug Screen/urinalysis

Who should test with Lucas Therapies:

  • Injured worker returning to full duty
  • Post-operative return to work: Work related/non-work related injuries
  • Prospective employees

What are the benefits of pre-employment testing with Lucas Therapies:

  • Physically capable work force
  • Determine safety for return to work post injury/surgery
  • Reduction of WC claims/expenses

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